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Now more than ever, people are vulnerable to substance use disorders, or SUDs. "The mental health impact of this pandemic cannot be underestimated . . .  Heightened public stress and anxiety levels, increasing isolation . . . play a large role in the proliferation and ongoing relapse of substance misuse."
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Only 5.4 percent of adults with an alcohol use disorder receive alcohol use treatment at a specialty facility. 

What we are developing and will be offering:
Evidence-based Treatment, 
prescribed by a physician.

"There is now ample evidence that Internet-based interventions work for common mental disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder, alcohol consumption, smoking cessation, eating disorders, headaches and insomnia.”
The treatment we are developing will encompass conversational virtual human agents to deliver cognitive behavioral therapy, facilitating the process of helping patients  become free of unhealthy substance dependence and lead substance-free and productive lives.
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