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Stressed Man

We're here to help. We're developing the cutting-edge technology that will enable medical practitioners  to  prescribe augmented therapeutic assistance   by  trained virtual human clinicians that will deliver cognitive behavioral therapy to you at your home or treatment center as part of a supervised program.


We're all about bringing the treatment to the patient, with 24/7 remote access.  The treatment we're developing will be prescribed by physicians as a supplement to your usual treatment.  Our trained virtual human clinicians will engage the patient in a therapeutic encounter, delivering cognitive behavioral therapy.  Remember, this is not a replacement for your clinician, but rather an additional resource. 

THE human brain is malleable

A patient can be empowered to change,  given the right conditions and the right  therapeutic system.  Orange Therapeutics is developing a telehealth solution to be prescribed by physicians, to help you progress through the stages of relapse prevention and recovery. 

The therapeutic encounter.
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